Our Story

V A L E A N A is a collection of simple yet timeless pieces.

Our collections have a beachy and bohemian feel. Completely handmade and carefully selected. We offer accessories and clothing that you will not see everywhere and on everyone.

It's so inspiring for us to choose pieces while traveling to other countries because we make connections with other communities and cultures. 

. . .  

In addition to investing in artisans, it is our mission to bring authentic, handcrafted products of exceptional quality from Latin America to you! Each product is made with love, and has its own story to tell. When an item is made by hand instead of by a machine, a touch of soul is inherently woven into the finished product, making it endlessly unique. The beauty of each piece is in the variations and imperfections that naturally occur in handmade goods.

Our product line is carefully selected to create a socially-responsible global shopping experience. 

Check back with us often...We are always searching for new products and connecting with new artisans, so our inventory changes frequently and often some items are one of a kind.

Thank you for stopping by!